AtlasMedx aims to dramatically improve the
therapeutic outcome and quality-of-life for cancer patients
through the development and commercialization of
transformational and highly targeted therapeutics.

We are exceptionally positioned with our leading scientific and clinical approach in developing transformational anti-cancer drugs that provides:

An in-depth understanding of clinical oncology and cellular cancer biology

A portfolio of novel multifunctional drugs that simultaneously target compensatory mechanisms pertinent to carcinogenesis and resistance to chemotherapy

A strong IP position covering the major pharmaceutical markets worldwide

A top-level management team and scientific and clinical advisory board with extensive experience, expertise, and credibility in biopharmaceutical industry, drug development, cancer biology, clinical oncology, clinical trials, and patient care management

A privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on
developing medically innovative and multifunctional cancer
therapies targeting well-validated compensatory cellular pathways
important to carcinogenesis and drug resistance.